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Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) Brochure

Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) – formerly known as zIPS – is a privacy-first application that provides comprehensive mobile security for enterprises. Zimperium MTD is designed to protect an employee’s corporate-owned or BYO device from advanced persistent threats without sacrificing privacy or personal data. Zimperium MTD detects all four threat categories — device compromises, network attacks, phishing and content, and malicious apps. Leveraging advanced machine learning, MTD detects threats across the kill chain: device, network, phishing, and app attacks.

Machine learning protection stays ahead of the threats.
Zimperium MTD’s on-device, machine learning-powered detection scales with the needs of the modern workforce, securing devices against even the most advanced threats all while keeping security teams informed with critical data.

Privacy-first approach to mobile device security.
With a privacy-first approach to data processing, Zimperium’s advanced mobile endpoint security solution enables enterprises to support and secure bring-your-own-device policies alongside corporate-owned endpoints without sacrificing the end user’s data privacy.

Integrate seamlessly, and respond with accuracy.
Forensic data on the device, network connections, and malicious applications provides security operations teams the power of visibility against the growing mobile attacks and enables them to minimise their total attack surface with confidence. The unmatched forensics provided by Zimperium MTD prevents a single compromised device from turning into an outbreak.

Are You Securing Mobile Devices or Just Managing Them?
MDM is, as its name suggests, a management tool. An MDM controls the device itself, allowing organizations to securely distribute apps, set minimum operating system (OS) requirements, and block apps. MDMs provide basic threat protection by notifying security teams when someone tries to jailbreak the device. However, if you want to protect your organization from as many of the threats covered by the MITRE ATT&CK framework as possible, using MDM alone, you’d have to restrict usage of the device to a nearly impossible extent. In addition, your users would likely resent the control and worry about the privacy of their personal devices, apps, and data. Plus, you would not have the ability to detect or resolve threats from networks, phishing, or apps.

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