Accelerate developer velocity and productivity with environments provisioned on-demand

Quali’s Torque turns your existing IaC infrastructure and Kubernetes manifests into repeatable blueprints for complete environments, allowing you to speed up delivery while increasing governance and control.

Torque automatically discovers all infrastructure in your Git repositories, allows you to import files from multiple IaC tools, then automatically orchestrates complete, ready-to-run environments based on those assets.

Developers, testers, and other end users can view the underlying infrastructure and deploy environments on-demand via Torque’s secure self-service portal or by automating deployment within their CI/CD or ITSM tools. Torque will automatically terminate each environment after a maximum duration set by your admins.

Prevent unauthorized usage with customizable policies based on Open Policy Agent, lock down account credentials with native secrets management, and control who can modify your infrastructure with role-based access controls.

Set alerts to notify admins about unexpected changes to the underlying infrastructure powering your environments and apply changes that apply to all environments your teams deploy.

See How Torque Automates Your Environments
Get an inside look to see how you can build, deliver, and manage complex environments faster and more efficiently.

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