Keysight (Eggplant)

Automated intelligence for Application and API testing on any platform with a scripting language built for ease of use.

Eggplant, are your customer experience optimisation specialist. Test smarter with AI-powered automation that views technology from the users’ perspective, improving how you test, develop and deliver in the digital age.

Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) is a modern AI-assisted approach to test automation that helps you create products that delight users, deliver at DevOps speed, test the full customer experience, test ANY technology, and predict the quantified impact of new product versions on the user before release.

Eggplant uses scriptless models, AI, and analytics to expand automation beyond test execution across the full testing process. From test-case generation and test optimisation to results analytics.

With Eggplant you can:

  • Optimise the Customer Experience.
  • Test any technology at every layer in any way.
  • Access enterprise scale testing capabilities via a single user interface.
  • Empower domain experts to become automation engineers.

Phase Pacific supplies and supports:
Eggplant Application and API Automated Testing

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