Complete Application Security Testing and Protection for Secure Innovation

Whether you are a business or a technical lead, when it comes to software development, security often gets separated from the application development Life Cycle and is treated as an after-thought. Innovation and on-time design delivery tend to take precedence over security, with security often being viewed as a point of friction and nuisance. Blind spots and defective code go unnoticed, costing significant time and money in detection, patch protection, and manual fixes.

Integrate best-of-breed security tools early in the development process AND ensure they flow through the whole application value-chain – from initial design, through deployment and on to maintenance.

The ONE Gold-standard Application Security Suite for End-to-End Application Protection. Allowing you to accelerate application development and deployment innovation with secure confidence. We are proud to partner with leading vendors, Synopsys and Imperva, to bring an integrated, best-of-breed Application Security Suite to our clients. Phase Pacific is the only provider to bring together these global Application Security leaders to support the entire Software Development Life Cycle.

We help both C-Suite and Dev Teams to close the gaps on software risk
Software is at the core of digital transformation. It enables businesses to create value for customers in new and innovative ways. Regardless of whether you’re a technical specialist or in a business leadership role, if stringent security measures are not applied to your innovation from the beginning, the risk to your applications will be greater.

Why use multiple, disconnected tools when you can integrate ONE suite for it all?
Our solution incorporates a suite of tools from two global leaders. This integrated approach ensures every workflow is secured from the earliest processes to final output; end-to-end. With Synopsys, you secure your code throughout development and fix critical security and quality issues along the way. Protect open source, run automated scans, and maintain continuous delivery schedules with the right tools in your arsenal. Imperva takes control during the deployment phase, protecting your applications from every angle – DDoS, APIs, mobile, supply chain. Their tools provide Application Security for your peace of mind.

This brochure summarises our offerings from our industry leading suppliers Synopsys and Imperva which enables us to help our customers’ application security challenges from development to deployment.

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