Apposite Netropy Traffic Generation Brochure

Netropy Traffic Generation Brochure

Apposite’s modern suite of traffic generation solutions delivers sophisticated performance testing for a variety of network, application, and security test scenarios. Optimise device and network performance by replicating realistic application traffic and protocols at tremendous scale. With Netropy Traffic Generation Solutions you can identify performance bottlenecks and failure points in the lab, before you go live, to ensure quality of service for your products and quality of experience for your customers.

AppStorm helps you validate the performance of application-aware devices like firewalls and SD-WAN gateways at scale using an extensive library of pre-defined application flows. By emulating clients, servers, and real network traffic with a variety of application mixes and protocols, you can ensure quality of service for products and quality of experience for customers.

AppPlayback captures production network conditions and converts them into dynamic traffic streams to help find and eliminate performance bottlenecks on your network before they reach your end-user. Record and replay real-world traffic and application characteristics in the lab at tremendous scale by amplifying a single traffic capture into up to a million flows. Emulate clients and servers to quickly and easily validate the performance of network devices.

Quickly and easily assess complex network topologies with TrafficEngine by generating line rate stateless traffic and emulating millions of complex traffic flows. Ensure network performance, QoS policies, and resiliency at scale by stress testing under the most challenging scenarios.

SessionStrike assesses how fast a stateful network device can establish TCP and HTTP connections for comprehensive capacity and performance testing. By emulating clients and application servers at a very high scale, SessionStrike can create millions of TCP and HTTP connections to verify the session holding capabilities of devices.

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