Lepton ColdFusion Layer 1 Switch

Lepton ColdFusion Layer 1 Switch

When considering a layer 1 switch you no longer have to choose between performance, features and affordability. ColdFusion is the only Layer 1 Switch to offer:
● Multimode, Singlemode, AOC, DAC, PSM4, RJ-45 Copper
● Any speed ranging between 10Mbps up through 128Gbps
● Protocol agnostic support including FC, Ethernet, OTN, 1394A/B
● Flexible port count configurations including 32, 64, 128 and 256 port architectures
● High density: 4 rack units for fully populated system
● Full wire-speed unicast, multicast/broadcast and arbitrated loop
● Port level diagnostics
ColdFusion offers best in class features sets in an affordable design. Available in either a 2 slot or 8 slot chassis.

Lepton’s ColdFusion Layer 1 switch addresses the final roadblock in complete test lab automation: the physical layer. Once wired to ColdFusion, test configurations can be initiated using remote commands or API scripting to fully automate tests, eliminating the need for manual set-up. This greatly improves CAPEX and OPEX and optimizes any test automation software deployment.

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