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In a world where software is the fabric that binds human communication, delivers customer experience, and enables millions of transactions in minutes, there is no room for suboptimal.

We at Keysight (and the hundreds of thousands of eggplant-accredited engineers) are on a mission to rid the world of bad software. We do this by allowing our diverse customer base to test their applications and processes through the user’s eyes, both in terms of speed and scale.

Eggplant is a non-invasive automation platform that can automate anything, is supercharged by Intelligence, and provides real-time monitoring of how your customers are using your product.

Eggplant automates any Software, including Salesforce, WorkDay, Containerised Applications, and non-traditional user interfaces like Heads Up Displays.

Eggplant Features:
Augmented Intelligence: Eggplant AI, combined with best practice principles, can generate and automate Test Cases within milliseconds, allowing the human tester to focus on complex or specific test cases.

Cross-Platform Automation: One Automated Test Case built-in eggplant can be executed against any application, platform, or device. This drastically reduces new script creation time and maintenance costs.

Non-Invasive: Eggplant does not require an agent to be installed on the System Under Test. Eggplant uses a two-stage system to access Applications, just as your user would.

Real-User Journeys: Eggplant monitors how your users interact with your application. This information is routed back to the Eggplant AI engine and new Test Cases, based on real-user journeys, are executed as part of your testing regiment.

Eggplant Automation Cloud: This part of your testing infrastructure houses real mobile, tablets, or IoT devices as well as virtualized systems so your Tests can be executed against any device at any time.

Eggplant benefits:

  • One Eggplant digital twin can execute thousands of Test Cases against any platform, device, or software.
  • Eggplant is not dependent on specialized skills; this intuitive technology allows business testers to be up and running within hours.
  • Any Technology can be monitored and automated without special frameworks or plug-ins.
  • Eggplant keeps up with your pace of release.

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