Imperva Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) Brochure

Imperva Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) Brochure

Securing applications by default

Applications are prime targets for cyber attacks as they handle troves of personally identifiable information, intellectual property, financial information, and other critical data. Many traditional application security tools fail to protect organisations from attacks because they mostly rely on signatures and rules that are easy to circumvent, cause performance degradation, suffer from high false-positive rates, struggle to stop zero-day attacks, and lack real-time context and visibility. Imperva believes that securing applications requires radical thinking- applications must defend themselves.

This brochure explains how Imperva RASP uses an industry-leading, lightning-fast attack detection method called Language Theoretic Security (LANGSEC), sits within applications to examine threats in real-time and with full application context which delivers reputable site traffic while blocking threats, deploys quickly and quietly via autonomous plugins that scale with DevOps, and all of the application runtimes that are supported.


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