Imperva DDoS Protection Brochure

Imperva DDoS Protection Brochure

Formidable attack mitigation

Maybe you’ve been hit by a DDoS attack and know you need better protection in the future. Or perhaps your current DDoS solution isn’t equipped to handle the changing threat environment, and your business has suffered as a result. Even if you’re one of the few who hasn’t been attacked yet, chances are you will be at some point. Imperva has the solution to reduce your risk: Comprehensive DDoS protection for websites, networks, DNS servers, and individual IPs.

Imperva has mitigated the largest attacks in history, immediately and without incurring latency or interfering with legitimate users. While DDoS cybercrime is an ever-changing landscape, our cloud service protects you better than any on-premises or hybrid protection can, no matter what attack comes your way or what the future holds.

This brochure explains Imperva DDoS Protection features visibility with analytics and insights, SLA-backed protection that scales, centralised management, DDoS protection for websites, DDoS protection for networks, and DDoS protection for individual IPs.

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