Imperva API Security Brochure

Imperva API Security Brochure

Protect your APIs from modern cyberattacks

APIs (Application Programmable Interface) are the cornerstone of digital transformations for many enterprises. Whether developing applications in new cloud-native microservice and serverless architectures, automating business-to-business processes, or providing a back-end for mobile applications, APIs are rising in significance to the enterprise. Unfortunately, cybercriminals have seen this shifting towards an API-centric world and are discovering new attack vectors as fast as the API growth itself. This creates the critical need for enterprises to adopt new security measures that can better protect their APIs and all things digital.

Through automatic detection of API endpoints, Imperva API Security enables comprehensive API visibility for security teams – without requiring development to publish APIs via OpenAPI or by adding resource-intensive workflow to their CI/CD processes – by providing full contextual data and tags and automatically determining risks around sensitive data.

Security teams can incorporate a positive security model to protect their organisation from API-based threats. Moreover, every time an API is updated, security teams can stay on top of the change, understand any new risks, and incorporate changes, which leads to faster, more-secure software release cycles. Imperva API Security enables security teams to keep pace with innovation without impacting development velocity.

This brochure explains Imperva‘s API Security Solution which will help protect your APIs from modern cyberattacks, in-depth protection against OWASP API Top 10, protect your APIs against critical security attacks by enforcing a positive security model, and flexible deployment model without slowing down development

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