Keysight Eggplant Performance (Application Load and Performance Testing)

Eggplant Performance – Application Load and Performance Testing.

Systems are increasingly software-reliant and interconnected-making design, analysis, and evaluation harder than ever before. Though consumers value these innovations, software authors grapple with the challenges of deploying rigorous validation to verify systems function as expected and do not break under the load.

Today’s complex digital world relies on computer systems and software where downtime is more than a fleeting annoyance. In many industries, it’s a critical failure that can have a lasting, negative impact on customer experience, the corporate brand, and the bottom line.

Eggplant Performance provides true, user-centric performance testing, that’s simple to use. Its unique ability to simulate virtual users at both the application UI and the network protocol levels makes it the only solution that gives you a true understanding of the UX impact at scale. Understand and resolve issues quickly via effective analysis and reporting capabilities and take advantage of an open, extensible, multi-protocol solution that’s future-proof and designed to meet new challenges.

More information about our Automated Application Test solution is available and review our Software Delivery Automation solution.

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