Apposite Technologies DNS Storm Brochure

Generate A High Scale of DNS Queries to Test Carrier-Grade DNS Servers

Apposite DNS Storm measures the performance and capacity of carrier-grade DNS servers by stress-testing them against a high scale of DNS queries. Use DNS Storm to emulate a million clients and generate up to 2 million DNS queries per second to find the breaking point of DNS servers.

By maintaining an up-to-date catalog of the world’s most-used domains, DNS Storm can evaluate the server’s real-world response to both valid and invalid queries. Assess whether queries were completed or lost, track the response codes received, and measure the latency of query response times to evaluate the server’s performance capabilities.

DNS Storm is available on high-performance appliances and virtual machines. Configure tests with ease on the feature-rich, browser-based GUI or with our comprehensive RESTful API for increased automation. Run multiple tests at once and keep them running in the background, collaborate with your team, and easily connect and perform tests from anywhere.

This brochure explains Apposite’s DNS Storm key features such as the ability to emulate one million DNS clients, measuring query response time and latency, supporting more than a dozen DNS query types, supporting DNS Return Codes, and much more.

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