Network/WAN Emulation

Eliminate potential performance problems for digital transformation by validating the performance requirements of a migration before going live.

WAN Emulation
Network performance is impacted not only by the availability of sufficient bandwidth but by the latency caused by the distance between the sites and packet loss caused by congestion. Other network impairments such as short outages, reordered packets, packet fragmentation, etc. can also have a huge impact on application usability.

Apposite‘s WAN emulator replicates the bandwidth, latency, loss, and other conditions of the network so that application performance can be validated in the lab. Essentially, packets that pass through a WAN emulator appear exactly as if they traveled across the WAN. This allows application performance between two sites to be tested simply by attaching a client and server device (or network of devices) and setting the conditions to match the real-world network. This allows for application throughput, responsiveness, and quality to be evaluated and measured.

Emulating networks with Apposite’s feature-rich Netropy network emulator lets you quickly benchmark, troubleshoot, and optimise performance testing of your mission-critical applications under the most challenging conditions.

Traffic Generation
Apposite’s comprehensive suite of traffic generation solutions offers a modern way to test networks, applications, and security performance. By replicating real application traffic and protocols at a tremendous scale.

Our applications allow you to easily evaluate vendor performance and service provider networks before deployment and consistently ensure the quality of your services and products.

AppStorm helps you validate the performance of application-aware devices like firewalls and SD-WAN gateways at scale using an extensive library of pre-defined application flows. AppPlayback captures production network conditions and converts them into dynamic traffic streams to help find and eliminate performance bottlenecks on your network before they reach your end-user.

Quickly and easily assess complex network topologies with TrafficEngine by generating line rate stateless traffic and emulating millions of complex traffic flows. SessionStrike assesses how fast a stateful network device can establish TCP and HTTP connections for comprehensive capacity and performance testing.


Eliminate potential performance problems after the initial transition.


Simulate network constraints that could jeopardise cloud migration success.


Validate the performance requirements of a migration before going live.


Validate and benchmark processes by creating repeatable tests with real-world conditions.

Modifications Testing

Provide network managers with a convenient test bed to determine the impact of modifications to any application.


Replicate the user’s network to help reproduce the reported problem in the lab.

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