The Ultimate Digital Transformation Playbook

The Ultimate Digital Transformation Playbook

Digital transformation is more than just having the right tools, team, and techniques in place. It’s about becoming a digital first brand, and ensuring your customers have the best possible experience.

Digital transformation is a boardroom priority for organisations of every size, industry, and sector. As Gartner puts it, “New digital businesses emerge every day, from asset-intensive industries to healthcare, to government and beyond. There has never been a better time for organisations to quicken their digital transformation.”

While the term is a hot buzzword, it’s important to recognise that true digital transformation is a complex process and that change doesn’t happen overnight. Because digital transformation represents an entirely new way of operating, it follows that successfully transforming hinges on completely changing business models. But in the era of cloud innovations, IoT, machine learning, widespread 5G adoption, and other disruptive technologies, the future belongs to those who can effectively harness technology to drive business outcomes.

So, how can organizations achieve this? Through intelligent, AI-driven test automation that tests, measures, and optimises the quality of the digital user experience.

This playbook from Eggplant looks at the demands of a modern testing approach and obtaining a holistic view of the customer experience.

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