Keysight Threat Simulator (Breach and Attack Simulation)

Threat Simulator — Breach and Attack Simulation
Validate Your Tools, Fix Vulnerabilities, and Prove Your Network is Protected. Part of Phase Pacific’s Security Operations Suite.
Problem: Security is Hard, Misconfigurations are Common, and Breaches are Rampant

With a multitude of emerging threats from inside and outside your network, the risk of a security breach has never been higher. All those risk factors are combined with a big human element that assumes everything has been setup and configured properly to get the best outcomes from each security tool. Organizations typically respond to this problem by throwing more money at the problem — acquiring additional security controls while increasing management complexity and complicating visibility for teams such as SecOps that are pressed to provide results and ROI.

But, the real problem behind all those things is that it has been extremely difficult to effectively measure your security posture. And when you can’t measure security, it becomes harder to manage and improve it. The result is that you can’t quantify the risks to your business, or the return on your security investment, or understand how to optimize it.

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