Coverity Static Application Security Testing (SAST) 


Coverity SAST—Fast, accurate, scalable

Coverity SAST is highly accurate, supports thousands of developers, and quickly analyzes large projects exceeding 100 million lines of code. By offering integrations with key development tools and CI/CD systems, Coverity enables AppSec testing at DevOps speed and has helped thousands of organizations get to market faster with reduced cost and risk.





Phase Pacific supplies and supports

Synopsys Black Duck
Synopsys Defensics Fuzz Testing
Synopsys Seeker IAST

SAST static analysis

Secure code is synonymous with quality code

Building on patented techniques, Coverity provides deep, full path coverage accuracy and uses interprocedural analysis to find software flaws and security vulnerabilities that other solutions can’t.

Fix faster and with confidence; realize enhanced productivity and reduced development costs.


Seamlessly integrate static analysis into the SDLC

  • Tailor the depth and speed of your static analysis based on your changing needs.
  • Integrate Coverity into your build system to provide a high-fidelity representation of your source code.
  • Automatically assign security weaknesses and quality defects to the developers responsible.
  • Get integrations and plugins for popular development tools, environments, and CI/CD build workflows.

static analysis elearning

Enable Developers to learn as they code

Coverity Connect integrates with our eLearning platform to suggest relevant application security lessons based on CWEs detected by Coverity. Our eLearning courses on secure coding practices cover topics such as authentication, risk analysis, security standards, and more.


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