Synopsys Tinfoil Web Scanner and API Scanner Brochure

Real-time security reports pushed directly into your developers’ workflow

Synopsys Tinfoil dynamic security offerings provide security tools built by developers, for developers. Tinfoil API Scanner and Tinfoil Web Scanner allow seamless integration with DevOps continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) process. Tinfoil also provides an open and extensive API that you can use to create integrations and automation with any third-party tool. Implementing Tinfoil products into your DevOps process can help you produce secure code faster, saving you time and money—and freeing up security engineers to focus on more strategic initiatives. Tinfoil technology empowers your developers and DevOps teams to become the critical first line of defense, so security teams can prioritise and enhance their strategic security initiatives.

This brochure explains Synopsys Tinfoils’ key features such as faster security that makes it easy for developers to secure your application in real-time as they build it out, seamless integration that allows you to incorporate security into your DevOps life cycle quickly and easily, and digestible data which provides your team with clean technical information so they can easily find each vulnerability and fix it quickly.

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