State of Mobile App Security 2023 Report

State of Mobile App Security 2023 Report

Mobile apps have rapidly transformed in recent years thanks to technological advancements and changing user preferences. With improved internet speeds and the global demand for instant access to data and services, mobile apps have become a dominant form of digital interaction in our work and personal lives.

As the leader in mobile security, Zimperium has unique insights into the trends and evolution of mobile app threats and protection. This report discusses the following:

  • Key Trends: What you must protect against
  • AppSec Standards: Most critical violations
  • Cloud Storage: Mistakes leading to breaches
  • Best Practices: Prepare today for tomorrow’s needs

The risks associated with mobile apps can be attributed to three key actors: developers, malicious actors, and end-users. Each of these stakeholders plays a significant role in determining the susceptibility of an application to abuse and exploitation. To effectively secure mobile apps, businesses must prioritise security measures amid the development process, during publication to app stores, and while the app is in use on end-user devices. By addressing security concerns at each stage, organisations can mitigate risks and protect their apps from potential vulnerabilities and threats.

Although traditional mobile app security practices and solutions have made significant progress in protecting apps, they have been unable to keep up with the evolving threat landscape. A majority of solutions are built for web and retrofitted for mobile, are free or open source with little support, and provide little to no visibility and protection once they are published. In the face of increasing speed to market pressures, enterprises, and mobile-powered businesses find it difficult to adopt practical security solutions. Zimperium provides an alternative approach with a single, integrated platform that protects from development through runtime.

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