Improve API Performance With A Sound API Security Strategy Whitepaper

Improve API Performance With A Sound API Security Strategy Whitepaper

Organisations know that API adoption is key to expanding and evolving digital operations, but remain hesitant due to security concerns. In fact, 70% of survey respondents say the lack of API security has kept them from increasing their adoption and use of APIs. Imperva’s 2022 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting recommends that organisations scale security alongside API adoption and take a holistic approach to implementing a successful API strategy.

Overall, decision-makers are realising APIs will improve internal data quality, improve customer visibility and trust, build a better product for customers, and streamline internal processes. Continuous visibility into APIs reduces the complexity of securing them. An API security technology can reduce complexity around securing APIs, ease compliance, and enhance the ability to classify API-transferred data, ensuring all key modes of visibility. To overcome security concerns relating to expanding the attack surface with more channels for data, the right security solution can assuage concerns and enable APIs to keep delivering on investments.

Download this paper to:

  • Understand how APIs are believed to increase attack surfaces and expose sensitive data, and how protecting them could disrupt productivity for developers
  • Gain insight into developer challenges in increasing and scaling API adoption and security at the same time
  • See how visibility is key to assuaging security fears when adopting third-party APIs
  •  Access Forrester’s recommendations for scaling your API security strategy to match company needs with improved efficiency and visibility for all business units

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