Reduce Bandwidth Overload with a Data Abstraction Layer Whitepaper

Deployment scenario: out-of-band visibility architecture

For every enterprise, data is a prized asset. It fuels client relationships, product sales, product development, and even competitive advantage. At the same time, businesses are suffering from data overload. Both the volume of data and the velocity of data growth are increasing. According to Cisco Systems, network traffic will reach 4.8 zettabytes (billion terabytes) by 2022. Businesses cannot continue as usual and keep up with network performance, security threats, and business decisions. The creation of a network data abstraction layer accordingly increases in importance.

A visibility architecture is the perfect way to manage the data. A visibility architecture contains three basic components including an access layer, control layer, and Monitoring tool layer.

The access layer of the model is concerned with access to monitoring data. A network device, whether it is a physical tap, virtual tap, or mirrored port, provides the access. The control layer uses a network packet broker (NPB), which allows you to filter, aggregate, and load balance data. The monitoring tool layer consists of the monitoring tools that receive filtered data from the NPB that is relevant and concise; rather than receiving the data directly from a tap.

This whitepaper describes how a layer of abstraction between data access and analytic tools that drive rapid business decisions helps solve the problem. This abstraction layer provides the flexibility to meet the ever-evolving needs of the data center. Taking you through the creation of a data visibility architecture to facilitate an abstraction layer between network data and monitoring data, and how to move compute resources to the network edge for faster local data access with the implementation of Keysight advanced network packet brokers and high-quality taps.

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