CloudShell Lab-as-a-Service

Deliver Physical and Virtual Lab Environments On-Demand


An efficient lab environment can make your Dev, Test, Support, Sales, Network, and Security teams more productive and allow you to deliver better solutions much faster.


CloudShell eliminates the challenges of traditional labs and brings cloud-like efficiency, automation, global on-demand access, and cost savings allowing your labs to become strategic centers of innovation. Listen to the webinar to hear how to bring cloud-like self-service agility to your dev/test Lab.



Blueprint Lab Environments

Standardize dev and test environments with flexible blueprints that support any infrastructure – physical, virtual, or cloud – as well as network configurations, test equipment, test tools, service APIs and more. Design once. Tweak and re-use any number of times. Visual or code based modeling.


Self-Service Access
  • Provide users and teams web-based, multi-tenant, remote access to lab environments.
  • Allow single-pane of glass access and management of multiple lab environments.
  • Optimize access to lab resources across geographic regions
Intelligent Lab Automation
  • Automate configuration of physical, virtual, and cloud resources
  • Configure Layer 1 and Layer 2 network connectivity
  • Huge library of device support: Cisco, Juniper, Ixia, Spirent, Dell, HP, and more
  • Virtual and Cloud Support: VMware, OpenStack, AWS, Azure, and more
Simplify Complexity and Management
  • Policy-based management eliminates reliance on specific devices and enables abstract lab environments to ensure optimal selection of lab resources
  • Shared access to physical infrastructure maximizes utilization of lab resources
  • Intelligent resource conflict resolution and scheduling ensures optimal use of lab equipment
Powerful Lab Intelligence
  • Web-based, sharable analytics dashboards provide immediate insight into lab resource usage
  • Track who and how resources are being used and what equipment is over or under-utilized
  • Get better insight into resource planning and scale out
Energy and Cost Management
  • Automated PDU control allows powering on equipment only when it’s being actively
  • Support for major PDU vendors
  • Promote “dark lab” and Green initiatives for massive cost savings




Phase Pacific supplies and supports

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