Network monitoring for security or performance with full packet capture, massive storage arrays and consolidated data retrieval.

Endace started as a New Zealand University research project in 2001 when they developed the DAG™ Data Capture Card which quickly redefined the packet capture market, and gained a reputation as the gold standard for accurate, reliable packet capture.

Fifteen years on, Endace continue to set the benchmark for 100% accurate packet-capture, Network Recording and Playback™ at high speed.

Full packet capture is essential for a wide range of analytics needs – from security threat detection and investigation to network and application performance monitoring (NPM and APM). As a result, packet capture capability is built into many analytics appliances.

Currently, organisations are paying over and over for this capability: not just in capital outlay, but in the cost of deploying, hosting and managing multiple appliances from multiple vendors.

EndaceProbes provide 100% accurate Network Recording, while simultaneously hosting your choice of security and performance analytics applications. Hosted applications have high-speed access to both real-time and, using Playback™, to recorded Network History.

Endace network recording and visibility solutions are used by some of the world’s biggest companies to monitor some of the fastest, most powerful networks on the planet. You don’t have to be the biggest to have the best, ask the Phase Pacific team on taking the next step with purchasing and implementing:

  • EndaceProbe Analytics Platform
  • EndaceVision
  • EndacePackets
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