Apposite Technologies
Network emulation to test device and application performance.

The Apposite team’s pioneering experience in the development of WAN acceleration products highlighted the need for network emulation tools that provided the precision required for reliable testing, without the cost and complexity that put existing tools out of reach for most users.

This led directly to the founding of Apposite Technologies in 2005 to fulfil the mission of making application testing ubiquitous.

Apposite’s network emulation products are used by 2,500 leading enterprises, network application developers, government and military organisations, and telecommunications carriers around the world.

Apposite network emulators come as both physical appliances and virtual editions, where the virtual editions work on the leading hypervisors: VMware vSphere and KVM. Our network emulators will be coming soon on cloud platforms: AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure – so watch this space.

How does it work?

Simply connect clients on one side and application servers to the other. Apposite brings real-world network conditions to the lab or cloud.

With NASA, Netflix and Nike all relying on Apposite Technologies, ask the Phase Pacific team which products and solutions are best suited to your Lab environment. Perhaps the following products are required as part of your overall solution:

  • Apposite Linktropy Mini
  • Apposite Linktropy WAN Emulator
  • Apposite Netropy Cloud Edition
  • Apposite Netropy WAN Emulator
  • Apposite TrafficJam Traffic Generator
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