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Synopsys Introduces Polaris Assist

Synopsys has recently introduced Polaris Assist, a new AI-powered virtual assistant that helps security and development teams simplify and streamline application security. Polaris Assist combines decades of real-world insights with a large language model (LLM) to provide easy-to-understand summaries of detected vulnerabilities and code fix recommendations. The goal of Polaris Assist is to help developers build secure software faster with AI assisted development.

Polaris Assist aims to address several challenges to developer productivity:

  • The increasing demand for faster development velocity to keep pace with competitors and evolving market needs.
  • The growing number of applications that need to be maintained.
  • Conflicting requests for developers’ time.
  • An endless list of potential security threats.
  • The pressure to ensure applications are free of critical vulnerabilities.
  • The growing backlog of issues to be resolved in increasingly complex applications.

Polaris Assist includes two main features designed to help developers resolve security issues faster:

  • Polaris AI issue summaries: These summaries provide developers with a clear understanding of the vulnerabilities detected by static analysis tests. The summaries offer remediation guidance in the context of the code, which is particularly useful when working with unfamiliar code or frameworks.
  • Polaris AI fix suggestions: This feature uses AI to generate code fixes that developers can copy and paste directly into their code. By automating this process, Polaris AI fix suggestions aim to dramatically reduce the time it takes to fix security defects and eliminate the need for developers to become security experts.

By minimising time-consuming AppSec activities, Polaris Assist allows developers to focus on innovation through AI assisted development instead of security issues. Organisations that automate their security activities experience an estimated 15% improvement in meeting both security and delivery targets. Synopsys plans to integrate more Polaris Assist capabilities into other products in the future.

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