Pluribus VirtualWire Solution

Pluribus VirtualWire is an integrated physical layer feature set for the Netvisor ONE Operating System (OS) that enables native layer 1 switching capabilities on Open Networking hardware switches. VirtualWire transforms a traditional electrical Ethernet connection to emulate a physical wired connection so that interconnections are mapped between two or more physical ports in a single switch, or across a multi-switch topology.

VirtualWire enables the creation of a virtualised, software-defined patch panel that allows modern IP switching silicon to create transparent physical layer connections between devices. As a result, interconnected devices see each other as being directly connected, with all frames passed through the interconnected ports as if they are connected by a physical wire. This enables all protocols and anomalous packets, such as CRC errors, to be exchanged to allow for unmodified, native connectivity and transparent failure propagation.

Built on deployment-proven switching silicon, modern Open Networking switches over higher port densities and a wider range of interface speeds than typical physical layer 1 switches. This provides operators with a more flexible choice of hardware options to build scale-out networks with any combination of 1, 10, 25, 40, or 100 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. To save space and reduce the cost per connection, these switches deliver up to 10x the port density per rack unit (RU) over traditional layer 1 switches with support for up to 128x 10G ports and 32x 100G ports in a single RU.

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