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The TEMS Network Testing Suite 


Competitive Network Performance and Superior Subscriber Experience Begins with TEMS

The TEMS™ Network Testing Portfolio allows you to optimize the quality of your mobile network by concentrating on user experience. TEMS gives you the ability to walk test, drive test, and dynamically analyze your mobile network under the real-life conditions your users experience—indoors, outdoors, and around the clock.

Don’t assume your mobile network is delivering a quality user experience, know it with the TEMS™ Network Testing Portfolio.

The TEMS Suite of products enables mobile operators, infrastructure vendors and regulatory bodies to assess and manage the performance of their networks through a series of active testing, analytics and monitoring tools. Drive, walk, and autonomous testing, as well as pre-and post-launch active testing, including application testing and monitoring, are key components for network rollout and optimization that TEMS delivers. These offerings allow operators to make network improvements and solve interoperability issues quickly. All of the top 20 mobile operators in the world rely on TEMS solutions to test and maintain the quality of their networks.


  • TEMS Investigation – Effective Optimization and Troubleshooting for all RAN Technologies and Services
  • TEMS Pocket – Ultraportable network testing solution for indoor and outdoor
  • TEMS Paragon – The Perfect Solution for Benchmarking Mobile Networks
  • TEMS Director – Real-time Remote Management & Analytics for All Network Testing Projects
  • TEMS Sense– Proactive End-to-End Service Monitoring
  • TEMS Discovery – Analyze, optimize and visualize your RAN data


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