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EndaceCMS is Endace’s central management system and investigation platform. It allows you to effectively monitor and administrate your EndaceFarbric from a central location.

Key features are:

  • Central monitoring of probe health and capture status
  • Configuration pushing to the entire EndaceFabric or individual EndaceProbes
  • Orchestration of upgrades of the EndaceFabric
  • CentralVision and CentralREST allows you to query the managed EndaceFabric.

This makes the management of your estates easier, facilitating the deployment of a large EndaceFabric. By utilising the profiles, it’s easy for you to create a pre-defined configuration and push it out to segments of the EndaceFabric, allowing different geographic or logical regions to have different settings and access control.

The appliance monitoring provides you with a birds-eye view of the EndaceFabric, showing you the health of all EndaceProbes that are monitored. It’s possible to configure what is monitored and alarms can be triggered when a probe in the EndaceFabric is dropping packets.

By using the CentralVision and CentralREST, an analysist is able to quickly and accurately investigate an incident across the monitored network, and quickly zoom in on the probes with data pertaining to the incident. They are then able to download the data from all probes, having it put into correct time order, to their desktop, from the EndaceCMS. The EndaceCMS is also an ideal integration point for automatic threat investigation tools, allowing them to automatically extract the data for a given alert using CentralREST.






Phase Pacific supplies and supports

EndaceProbe Analytics Platform
EndaceVision and EndacePackets


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