Network Security – Security Operations Suite

Take control of security operations

With a multitude of emerging threats from inside and outside your network, the risk of a security breach has never been higher, combined with a human element that assumes everything has been set up and configured properly to get the best outcomes from each security tool.

Our Security Operations Suite complements NGFWs by offloading massive-scale blocking so that they can allocate more resources to content inspection, user policies, VPN termination, and other features while generating fewer security alerts and alert fatigue. Added to that continuously and automatically measuring your security posture so that you can manage and improve it. This all results in quantifying the risks to your business, the return on your security investment, and understanding how to optimise it.

Don’t wait for attackers to make the first move. With Phase Pacific, you can continuously simulate attacks on your production network, dramatically reduce SIEM alerts, and stay ahead of attackers with the latest threat intel.

Comprising two SecOps-focused tools, Phase Pacific’s Security Operations Suite makes it easy to:

  • Emulate real-world attacks on your production network.
  • Discover security gaps and vulnerable misconfigurations.
  • Remediate issues with detailed, step-by-step instructions.
  • Stay ahead of attackers with 24/7/365 threat intelligence.
  • Reduce alert fatigue by blocking 80% of hostile traffic.
  • Measure security effectiveness and optimise tool spend.


  1. Threat Simulator – Breach and Attack Simulation: Built on 20+ years of leadership in network security testing. Continuously assess your network’s readiness against the latest attacks and exploits.
  2. ThreatARMOR – Threat Intelligence Gateway: Reduce SecOps alert fatigue by blocking up to 80% of malicious traffic, malware, and botnets — dramatically reducing your network’s attack surface.
Eliminate Uncertainty

Simulate real-world attacks, identify gaps, and remediate vulnerabilities

Reduce Your Attack Surface

Block as much as 80% of malicious traffic from accessing your network

Optimise Security Spend

Make smarter tool investments by measuring the effectiveness of your security posture

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Keysight Threat Simulator
Keysight ThreatARMOR

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