Mobile Endpoint Security – Endpoint & Application Protection

Protect mobile devices and data against device attacks, network attacks, phishing sites, and malicious apps.

Protect your enterprise from mobile attacks with our Mobile Endpoint Security and Mobile Application Security solution. Enterprise mobile security solutions must meet two equally important criteria. First, they need an advanced technology solution that leverages machine learning to protect against device, network, application, and phishing attacks.

Second, they need a solution that fits into their existing security ecosystem integrating with the EPP, UEM, and EDR environment to give a complete picture of endpoints. This ecosystem includes running on the cloud platform of their choice.

Realising that most mobile devices are completely unprotected, hackers continue to find new means to compromise them. As the mobile attack surface continues to grow and evolve, so does Zimperium‘s solution zIPS which provides persistent, on-device protection for mobile devices and the information the devices access. Over the last 5 years, Zimperium‘s machine learning-based engine, z9 Machine-Learning, has detected 100% of zero-day mobile exploits in the wild on-device and without requiring updates—something no other provider can claim.

In addition to its proven efficacy against zero-day device and network attacks, z9 is the only machine learning-based engine capable of detecting previously unknown mobile malware on-device without requiring updates and without the risks of cloud-based lookups.

Organisations developing mobile apps are keenly aware they need to secure those apps. Mobile apps are increasingly more sophisticated, processing more sensitive personal and corporate information than ever before.
To prevent a breach from occurring, development and security teams need visibility throughout the entire software development life cycle (SDLC). Unfortunately, their efforts have been hindered by a highly fragmented set of app security solutions and no visibility into threats on end-user devices.

Organisations need a consolidated view of all mobile risks during development and continuously after application release. Zimperium’s Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS) identifies security, privacy, and compliance risks during app development and protects apps from attacks while in use.


Persistent, on-device protection for mobile devices and the information the devices access similar to next generation endpoint protection (EPP).

ML Detection

On-device, machine learning-based detection which protects managed and BYOD devices

Device Forensics

Device Forensics to understand device threats and changes, including OS information, privilege elevations and persistent changes.

Network Forensics

Network forensic details on cell and Wi-Fi networks, current and ongoing connections, and other contextual information to profile the attack and help identify the source.

Vulnerability Detector

zLabs is able to disclose more iOS and Android vulnerabilities than all other major competitors combined.

Malware Forensics

Malware forensic details on detected malware samples.

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