Lepton 2-Slot ColdFusion Chassis

Lepton 2-Slot ColdFusion Chassis for migrating your Adva (formerly MRV) MCC-equipped lab.

Lepton Systems has announced the release of a 2-slot chassis that addresses the needs of smaller deployments.

The ColdFusion 2-slot chassis design is based on the field-proven architecture of the existing 8 slot chassis and supports 10Mbps up to 128Gbps data rates (including RJ45 10/100/1000, 2.5G, 5G, 10G copper Ethernet) in just a 4 RU chassis.

Flexible Applications

The 2-slot, ColdFusion chassis has a 4 RU footprint for smaller labs or labs with limited rack space. Depending on the type of interface blade used, system capacity is 64 QSFP, or 128 SFP ports. The small footprint allows the switch to be strategically placed throughout the lab allowing for:

Distributed architecture – place smaller chassis where needed throughout the lab
Edge deployment – small form factor suitable for edge applications
Ease of clustering – use the 8-slot chassis as the hub with 2-slot chassis as spokes
Low cost of entry – cost effective for smaller scale labs
Portability – for increased mobility, can be easily moved throughout the lab as needed
Lower power consumption – a key consideration in lab deployment

Replacement for the Discontinued MRV MCC

Lepton’s ColdFusion 2-slot Chassis is an ideal drop-in replacement for the discontinued MRV Media Cross-Connect (MCC) L1 switch. Customers can now replace the MRV MCC 9RU, 288 port, 10Gbps switch with Leptons 4 RU, 2-slot chassis with 256 ports running up to 28Gbps. ColdFusion saves over half the rack space and extends the data rate support to 28Gbps.

ColdFusion has all the features you love about the MCC:

RJ45 Ethernet support to 10G
Protocol agnostic, zero insertion loss, and latency of <50ns
Media conversion to allow mapping between equipment with differing media types
Programmable link flapping to simulate cable cuts or port fail-overs
Multicast mapping and port mirroring to share test tools and provide simultaneous testing

ColdFusion also provides greater scalability of port density and data rates:

Up to 512/1024 ports in 12 rack units (depending on interface blade)
Data rate support from 10 Mbps to 128G
Support of any MSA compliant SFP or QSFP/SFP28
Python, RESTful API, CLI, GUI and 3rd party lab automation software support

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