Setting the bar for Layer 1 switches

The ONLY 128Gb Layer 1 switch compatible with any media and scalable to over 1000 ports
Why ColdFusion?

Lepton’s ColdFusion Layer 1 test automation switch enables the automation of 100% of lab infrastructure. With ColdFusion, network topology changes can be performed with the click of a button, or by integrating QA test scripts with ColdFusion APIs.

ColdFusion is the largest scale and density Layer 1 test automation switch available, capable of interconnecting up to 256 128G interfaces or 1024 10G/25G interfaces.

Finally a viable Layer 1 solution!


ColdFusion is the ONLY Layer 1 Switch to offer:
  • Any media: Multimode, Singlemode, AOC, DAC
  • Any speed up to 128GB
  • Highest scale: 1024 10/25GB Ports or 256 128GB ports
  • Affordable configurations

How does a Layer 1 Switch Work?


The easiest way to think of a Layer 1 switch, also known as a physical layer switch, is as an electronic patch panel. Completely transparent connections between ports is performed based on software commands sent over the control interface. In testing environments, this allows the tests to be as accurate as if there were a patch cord between the devices

Why is Layer 1 Important?


Automating the physical connectivity in a lab environment is the last roadblock to total automation. If the physical layer is manually configured, human intervention will always be required. Imagine the impact to your testing efficiencies when the lowest layer is automated.

  • Test configurations executed in seconds vs. hours
  • Human error, errant results, and retests are eliminated
  • Equipment use is maximized


  • Interfaces: Up to 256 QSFP28 and/or 1024 SFP28 ports
  • Speeds: 1Gb, 10Gb, 25Gb, 40Gb, 50Gb, 100Gb, 128Gb
  • Protocols: Ethernet, Fibre Channel, OTN, InfiniBand
  • Media: Multimode, Single Mode, AOC, DAC, PSM4


  • Port to Port Latency: less than 35 ns at 128Gbps
  • Constant deterministic fixed latency
  • Full wire-speed unicast, multicast and broadcast mapping


  • CLI and SSH interfaces
  • Python API, RESTful, Quali System CloudShell, Spirent Velocity
  • Online and offline software/firmware updates


  • Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies, fans and line cards
  • Advanced digital diagnostics
  • Network diagnostic utilities
  • 19″ rack, 12 RU


Phase Pacific

Exchange Tower
Level 1, 530 Little Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000

ABN 48 104 026 191