Lab Orchestration & Automation

Reduce environment setup times while decreasing and effectively managing the amount of equipment available in the lab.

Our Lab Orchestration and Automation solution based on Quali CloudShell accelerates and simplifies infrastructure environment provisioning by enabling teams to create self-service, on-demand replicas of full-stack infrastructure environments for on-prem and hybrid cloud configurations in just one click.

Incorporating a variety of Layer 1 Switches integrating fully automated cable patching whether you need a Calient Technologies full optical or Pluribus Networks distributed at top of rack, or Lepton Technologies centralised configuration we can cater for all requirements.

Also featuring the ability to provide automated power control with Rack Power Distribution Units, anytime/anywhere remote access, control and management with KVM-OVER-IP Switches, and a comprehensive set of SmartSensors to monitor the environment within the rack and data centers from Raritan.

Some sample use cases that have been implemented are Application Continuous Delivery, Sales Demo/Virtual PoCs, Cyber Range Environments, Virtual Training Labs, and more.

DevOps Cloud Automation
Balance Infrastructure Agility and Control in your DevOps Platform without breaking a sweat. Seamlessly connect cloud automation, cost control, and security into your platform, and make the power of Infrastructure as Code accessible to any user through self-service, even if they are not cloud experts.

Test Environments
Going live with your software requires trusting that you are Production-ready. And that means trusting your software testing whether it’s in your physical or virtual environments. Trustworthy software testing requires high-quality test environments that are based on your latest Production environments. Now you can automate your test environment set up and tear down.

Lab As A Service
Complex network configurations, modern labs, and manual processes have made provisioning environments time-consuming, expensive, and error prone. Self-service, on-demand test environments, anytime, anywhere that maximises lab asset utilization, consolidates labs, automates environment allocation and configuration.


Higher utilisation of existing equipment through agile practices and consolidation.


Faster dev/test cycles with existing teams, facilities, and budgets


Turn your lab from a cost centre to innovation enabler.


Supports remote collaboration promoting business continuity and a remote workplace strategy.


Eliminate sprawl and rogue behaviour with security and compliance measures across your lab environment.


Automatically spin up VMs and manage VM costs and utilisation.

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Quali CloudShell, Layer 1 Switches, and Automated Power Control

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