Keysight Visibility Solutions Brochures

Keysight Visibility Solutions Brochures

The directive for many IT departments is to be part of the business innovation process. How do you innovate? The average IT team spends more than half of their day just on problem resolution or network security issues.  Network visibility starts at the foundation of your network. It allows you to expose and resolve hidden problems (blind spots) faster. Faster resolution times mean more TIME to innovate the network design and the applications running on top of it.

Keysight Vision X is the next-generation network visibility solution. It delivers expandability and flexibility that meets the ever-evolving needs with a high-density, modular chassis comprised of customisable front modules and multi-speed port choices. Featuring an automated filter compiler, zero-loss, advanced packet processing, inline decryption, and application intelligence. A first-class feature set that provides network visibility to resolve hidden problems.
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Keysight Patch Taps for use in your patch panels and fiber distribution frames. The Patch Tap has superior Insertion Loss specifications, bend-insensitive fibers, innovative splitter technology, and a totally new deployment strategy. The Patch Tap can be integrated into major manufacturers’ patch panels, enabling passive tapping of your network while reducing rack space requirements and light loss budget.
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Keysight Flex Tap provides reliable continuous visibility of 100% of network traffic to support performance and security with no network performance degradation or disruption. Flex Taps are flexible and scalable, each Tap in the family is modular, can support speeds up to 400G, and is 100 percent passive. Flex Taps are available in multimode and single-mode fiber varieties with split ratios ranging from 50/50 up to 90/10. Depending on the model, the Flex Tap is available with either LC or MTP (MPO) connectors.
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Organisations are migrating workloads to the cloud because it offers scale, agility, and flexibility. These organisations require visibility to adhere to their security, compliance, and monitoring policies in the public, private and hybrid cloud. However, traditional visibility solutions are unable to address the key considerations of providing visibility in the cloud. Keysight CloudLens provides that network visibility to resolve hidden problems.
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