Infrastructure Automation for Labs Whitepaper

Using Self-Service Environment Blueprints to Maximise Productivity of Remote Teams

Lab as a Service (LaaS) providers offer three compelling capabilities that make the solution ideal for a remote workforce: self-service, automation and orchestration, and frictionless governance. These capabilities empower users to gain secure access to infrastructure in a timely manner using a process that is repeatable and scalable without direct IT interaction.

Self-service capabilities are essential for solving the bottleneck issue. Providers must be able to offer an intuitive, user-friendly platform populated with prebuilt environments. Within these environments, there will be a pre-configured set of applications, hardware, and services. These pre-built environments should be reserved to avoid conflicting requests and be executed on the fly. Having this self-service option helps admins focus on back-end processes with near-zero touch provisioning.

Automation is a vital component of IT orchestration. Providing Lab as a Service, for example, automates the provisioning process for IT, which needs help with automating systems management, including deploying patches, updates, and configurations, as well as receiving network alerts.

Organisations require the ability to secure a provisioning platform using authentication and security controls, such as role-based access control (RBAC). The ability to view, configure and allocate group access for the entire inventory is essential. Understanding resource utilization can help admins understand where to balance workload to ensure optimal usage.

Some providers offer these key elements specific to a tightly integrated stack aligned to their respective eco-system. While this may work for users with a homogeneous stack requirement, it prevents organizations from using a hybrid or best-of-breed approach when seeking out optimal components.

This Quali whitepaper will address the challenges for labs and testing environments that have grown increasingly impactful.

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