Your Guide To Terraform Automation

Your Guide To Terraform Automation

Despite its well-earned reputation as a powerful IaC tool, Terraform is not without limitations. Script sprawl is a persistent challenge for Terraform users, making it difficult to manage, reuse, and share environments. Meanwhile, its decentralised nature makes it difficult to efficiently push updates to all the Terraform scripts in a timely and efficient way. Finally, security, cost controls, and other governance policies are hard to implement and enforce, which can easily lead to configuration drift, and/or invisible configurations recognised solely by their designers. Even when users overcome these obstacles, success remains dependent on those with high-level coding skills and an intimate working knowledge of the entire infrastructure stack. While Terraform automates infrastructure efficiently, testing and building applications remain arduous, manual tasks.

Cloud-based environments can accelerate the speed of innovation. However, the complexity of the environments that support enterprise applications requires an enormous amount of time and knowledge to set up throughout the DevOps pipeline. To reduce the bottleneck caused by the lengthy set-up time, teams often leave unused development and testing environments running, driving up cloud costs. Even worse, with the lack of visibility into cloud resources, it’s difficult to identify what resources your teams are utilising. This lack of clarity creates the challenge of not being able to accurately audit your cloud expenses and forecast the appropriate resource allocation needed to drive innovation.

Whether your DevOps team leverages AWS, Azure, and/or Kubernetes, managing cloud costs and gaining visibility into your cloud utilisation and costs are critical to adopting an efficient multi-cloud strategy and accelerating business innovation.  Deliver the infrastructure resources your teams need with velocity and control. Torque is a SaaS-based infrastructure automation platform that seamlessly connects cloud automation, cost control, and security on complex, application-centric environments on cloud technologies including AWS, Azure, and Kubernetes.

Linking your cloud expenses to business initiatives can help you better allocate your cloud budget and measure your initiative’s ROI. With Torque, every cloud expense is guaranteed to be linked to business needs. Torque helps teams create a catalog of reusable cloud-based environments that represent clear business needs. All stakeholders can deploy environments from the catalog on-demand, in a self-service fashion, keeping cloud expenses linked to business needs. Torque’s automatic tagging mechanism allows for reviewing the cost of complete environments (instead of individual infrastructure components), bringing the connection between cloud expenses and business needs to light.

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