Going Green with Cloud Sandboxes

Going Green with CloudShell
Saving Energy Costs in the Lab and Data Center

Businesses have long known the value of becoming socially & environmentally responsible. However, manual based configuration and management processes, inefficient allocation of data center resources, and lack of shared access that results in duplication of resources within and across data centers pose a serious challenge to businesses that want to further improve their data center and lab inefficiencies. Because of this, organisations often struggle to achieve high utilisation, and power efficiency rarely exceeds those gained through newer power delivery and cooling techniques. Businesses need a clear path to going Green in the lab and data center.

Without a central management tool, the individual power control systems employed by PDU vendors often do not maximize the potential power savings benets, because they don’t function as the central point of management. In other words, the mere capability of automated PDU control doesn’t necessarily drive the adoption or effective use of that capability. Only when a central management tool is employed can data centers and labs see the efficiency gains from automated power control of equipment and resources.

Typical DCIM (data center infrastructure management) tools can provide a means of central management, but will typically rely on admins to manually specify which resources are being used and hence need power at any given time. Though the act of enabling or disabling power may be automated, the tools will still employ manual based access and control via admin requests, tickets, excel sheets, etc. You can achieve PDU control, but it will still be very inefficient.

This whitepaper will take you through, step by step, how to implement the ideal on-demand, self-service, central management system for putting the critical steps in place to maximise the power efficiency of your labs and data centers and help you achieve true Green Initiatives with Quali CloudShell and Raritan.

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