Global Mobile Threat Report 2023

Global Mobile Threat Report 2023

Security Teams Need to Adapt to the Mobile-Powered Business, Fast

The rise of the mobile-powered business has fundamental implications for security teams. The explosive growth in mobile device and app usage has created an ever-growing attack surface and increasing numbers of sophisticated cyber criminals and nation-states continue to exploit these areas of vulnerability. Meanwhile, security budgets and staffing levels remain relatively flat. Consequently, today’s teams are confronting large and rapidly growing vulnerability gaps.

The consequences of these vulnerability gaps have been devastating. For example, losses from online payment fraud cost e-commerce businesses $41 billion in 2022 and are expected to grow to $48 billion in 2023. Another report found that 70% of digital fraud now occurs on mobile devices.

In 2023, enterprise security teams will still contend with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid, massive shifts it precipitated. Telehealth, remote and hybrid work, cloud storage, short message service (SMS)-based multi-factor authentication, and QR codes are just a few examples of approaches that saw explosive growth in recent years—with each of these areas posing new security risks that teams haven’t fully addressed.

We Hope You Find Our 2023 Global Mobile Threat Report Useful

While these emerging trends can be sobering and downright scary for security teams, they don’t have to be. This report is not intended to stoke fear but to provide an authoritative look at what is really happening in the global mobile threat landscape so teams will be able to make informed decisions about their risks and what to do about them.

In this report, we’ve compiled and distilled some of the most important trends and developments that shaped the mobile security landscape over the last year and those that are most critical to respond to in 2023. This report draws on the research of our internal experts and the insights of our partners and leading industry observers.

We sincerely hope you find these insights useful as you seek to strengthen security in our increasingly mobile-first world. If you ever need additional information to inform your strategies and plans, rest assured that the Zimperium team is here to help.

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