Getting SD-WAN Right The First Time eBook

Leveraging SD-WAN in 2022

Many new technologies storm the scene as a way to slash costs. Those that hang around longest also solve real problems or change how we do things for the better. Done right, software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WAN) can do both.

SD-WAN delivers unprecedented wide area network flexibility by allowing traffic to burst directly from the branch office to the internet rather than backhauling it over expensive MPLS links to a central site. Like every business-critical technology, SD-WAN needs to deliver the ultimate application experience anywhere and everywhere it’s used. But the grander the vision, the greater the risk of falling short. If you’re considering trusting more of your traffic and operations to SD-WAN, IT needs to uphold a rock-solid plan for meeting expectations and realising returns from the outset.

Even before the frenetic changes of 2020, business-critical applications and high-value assets had begun to leave the building, migrating from traditional data centers to a mix of public and private clouds. The Work From Home phenomenon ratcheted up transformation exponentially as remote workers used consumer-grade setups to access collaborative applications like SalesForce and Zoom.

The scramble to digitalise business processes created some clear winners and losers with SD-WAN emerging as a clear winner. Its popularity grew and rollouts accelerated to accommodate hundreds, even thousands of new normal “branches of one.”

In this eBook, Apposite Technologies’ SD-WAN experts will share a five-step approach to ensuring SD-WAN rollouts unfold with no major hitches and deliver the benefits your business expects on day one. We’ll show you how fast, realistic, repeatable testing proves vital at every stage, from selecting the right partners to designing for diverse network conditions, traffic mixes, and budget constraints.

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