Establishing Modern Testing Strategies Whitepaper

Establishing Modern Testing Strategies Across the Technology Stack for Digital Innovation

This white paper discusses the imperative for cross-technology, multimodal software quality and testing strategies and the demand to provide visibility and coordination across product management, developers, business stakeholders, and consumers (as well as supporting needs for auditors and regulatory compliance). It will lay out core elements including evaluating the quality of digital experiences (such as accessibility, usability, functionality, and performance); enabling efficient execution by leveraging model-based approaches, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI); and managing across a multimodal, complex range of platforms from desktops to mobile and IoT to packaged business applications.

Our global, dramatic shift to digitisation continues to drive competitive position and product evolution, enabled by high-quality software delivered across a broad technology stack. IDC research indicates that digital disruption is both a primary challenge and an enabler for business execution.

At the same time, the level of complexity in multimodal environments demands a multifaceted approach to quality and testing to be able to deliver and execute in these cross-platform environments. Examples range from point of sale (POS) and monitoring to healthcare with medical records and workflow and from embedded software as part of medical devices and/or command and control systems to connected vehicles and infotainment systems.

The whitepaper also considers the technology offerings of Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI), offered by Keysight Technologies, and opportunities to accelerate digital transformation initiatives with cross-platform and cross-tech stack testing and quality challenges via the combined portfolio and go-to-market (G2M) trajectory.

Cross-platform/cross-tech stack testing (across desktop, web, mobile, packaged ERP apps, multiple devices, IoT, etc.) is a salient value proposition given the range and complexity of multimodal platform adoption. Together, Keysight Technologies with Eggplant can offer combined capabilities for cross-platform and cross-technology automated testing. The synergies of Keysight Technologies and its Eggplant platform present new opportunities to address growing demand in a dynamic market by increasing the depth and breadth of the company’s products and services assuming a solid integration and execution strategy.

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