EndaceProbe Analytics Platform

Probe Packet Capture and Analytics Hosting in One Platform


The EndaceProbe™ Analytics Platform is the industry’s only fully open packet capture and analytics platform. Deploy and host your chosen analytics tools on-demand without a truck-roll.

Faced with the need to diagnose and fix security and performance issues on large-scale, high-speed networks, organizations need data sources that go beyond log files and metadata.

The EndaceProbe™ Analytics Platform provides full packet capture and recording, with zero packet loss, on network links from 10Mbps to 100Gbps, allowing organizations to capture, index and store a 100% accurate record of network activity.

EndaceProbes are the industry’s only, truly, open packet capture platform, allowing both hosting of, and integration with, commercial, open-source and custom analytics applications.

Accelerate response times and reduce costs by hosting and integrating with analytics solutions from Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Dynatrace, Splunk and Plixer, and custom or open-source tools such as SNORT, Bro IDS, Suricata, Argus or Nagios. Hosted applications can access live network traffic at line rate, or use Playback™ to analyze recorded Network History.




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