Endace Vision Brochure

EndaceVision and EndacePackets are powerful, browser-based investigation tools that come bundled with all EndaceProbe Network Recorders and EndaceCMS Central Management Server. EndaceVision enables network operations, security, or incident response teams to navigate quickly through network history data, to identify the cause of network performance and security issues, and take appropriate action without guesswork. EndacePackets provides on-probe decoding of packet history, removing the need for analysts to download large packet trace files for analysis.

EndaceVision operates as a distributed application enabling a view of the entire network being monitored and a rapid pivot down to specific segments or links as required. It acts both as a visualisation tool for viewing and analysing traffic, and as a search engine for accessing traffic streams and packets of interest from recorded Network History.

The intuitive user interface lets users quickly drill-down by time, user, server, protocol, application, or a variety of other attributes to locate the ‘packets of interest’ relevant to a particular investigation. EndaceVision closes the gaps between detecting a problem, establishing why it happened, and remediating the issue. This can reduce the time needed to resolve issues from days or weeks to hours or even minutes.

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