Apposite – Easily Simulate Complex Networks for Advanced Performance Testing

Easily Simulate Complex Networks for Advanced Performance Testing

Network performance is impacted not only by the availability of sufficient bandwidth but by the latency caused by the distance between the sites and packet loss caused by congestion. Other network impairments such as short outages, reordered packets, packet fragmentation, etc. can also have a huge impact on application usability.

Apposite’s WAN emulator replicates the bandwidth, latency, loss, and other conditions of the network so that application performance can be validated in the lab. Essentially, packets that pass through a WAN emulator appear exactly as if they traveled across the WAN. This allows application performance between two sites to be tested simply by attaching a client and server device (or network of devices) and setting the conditions to match the real-world network. This allows for application throughput, responsiveness, and quality to be evaluated and measured.

A sample use case was to establish an objective understanding of how an organisation’s applications would perform within the cloud. By emulating a real-world cloud network for testing purposes, testers were able to measure the actual throughput and responsiveness of applications within a test network. This allowed them to apply the conditions and impairments they expect to encounter in the cloud. This test network also helped in deciding how much WAN bandwidth was required and which vendor’s solution best suited their needs for their system.

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