The Ultimate DevOps Playbook

The Ultimate DevOps Playbook

All software needs to be tested before it can be released. And when release cycles are accelerated, this can place enormous pressure on QA teams. This is especially true given the proliferation of ways in which end users interact with software.

For example, a service may be available as a website or an app. Both will have to work on multiple platforms on thousands of different devices. They may also have to interact with other websites, apps, or services, such as payment gateways, geolocation services, or review services. The need to test more permutations more frequently means the number of possible test cases increases exponentially.

Similarly, as we add more features, we need to add more test cases and also maintain an ever-increasing set of tests as the product line matures, the load on the QA team increases significantly.

It is becoming less and less possible to make assumptions about the way people will use your software. This means you need AI and predictive analytics to help you understand how people are using your software and feed that insight into the development and testing process, so you can focus on and optimise business performance.

Download this playbook to understand how AI has a key role to play in analysing and drawing insight from the vast amounts of data in our increasingly complex, interconnected, software-dependent world.

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