CloudBees CodeShip
Ship faster with CI/CD as a Service

Empower Your Team

Faster, stable builds
Reduce build time, while improving reliability.
Simple and easy to configure
Set up your builds via a web interface on a turn-key environment.
Native Docker support
Guaranteed to run anything that you can run inside of a container.
Flexible, yet customisable
Full autonomy of workflows to speed up your code changes.

Start Quickly

Get started with CI/CD immediately. No more waiting for builds to start when speed and reliability are critical.

Be in Charge

Let developers take control over the end-to-end delivery pipelines.

No Ops Needed

Perfect for teams that don’t want to spend time building, managing and maintaining infrastructure.


Phase Pacific

Exchange Tower
Level 1, 530 Little Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000

ABN 48 104 026 191