Cut your cloud bill in half with fast and predictable K8s automation.

Punish your cloud costs, not your engineers.
Cut costs in minutes with autoscaling, rightsizing, and spot instance automation from CAST AI.

CAST AI is a cloud optimisation platform that cuts cloud bills, on average by 63% for AWS, GCP, and Azure customers.

Powered by AI, it analyses multiple data points to find an optimal cost-performance ratio.

Cloud Cost Management and Automation Platform for Kubernetes: for automated cloud cost
reduction and control, visibility, automation, and overall predictability.

3-Step Cost Control – CAST AI industry-leading flow Analyze → Get optimised → Stay optimised
inspects your cluster and workloads, gets you to an optimised state in minutes, and keeps it at the
best cost-performance ratio with spot instances, autoscaling, rightsizing, and bin packing.

Cost Reporting – monitor and report on all key metrics natively or with API integration.

Business Continuity Protection – scale your infrastructure up and down gracefully as demand
changes. Gets the same predictable results on all three main cloud providers.

Cloud Financial Risk Management – reduce or eliminate your reliance on Reserved Instances and
other upfront expenses. Manage costs automatically in real-time depending on your actual usage.

Optimal choices: CAST AI selects the best optimisation approach for your workload in real-time.
Full automation: CAST AI frees engineers from tedious manual optimisation tasks.
Speed: CAST AI starts getting you results in less than 10 minutes.

Already saving millions for clients in Fintech, E-commerce, Adtech, and more.
Built for cloud-native companies running Kubernetes – clients save an average of 63% with CAST AI.

This brochure provides information on the all-in-one Kubernetes automation platform from CAST AI.

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