Buyers Guide: Best Practices in Buying Down Risk

Buyers Guide: Best Practices in Buying Down Risk

Businesses embracing digital transformation face a number of unprecedented challenges, one of the biggest of which is that most of the software that companies develop isn’t actually theirs. Another challenge is that today more than half of all website visitors are not humans, but rather bots. While some are helpful, such as chatbots or search engine bots, more than 70% of bots are malicious. This buyer’s guide will present five best practices related to products, people, and processes.

The Phase Pacific Application Security – Testing & Protection Solution protects your critical workloads with the industry’s only defense-in-depth approach for Applications, APIs, and microservices which are deployed faster than security teams can secure them.

With products from Imperva such as Web Application Firewall (WAF), Runtime Protection (RASP), API Security, Advanced Bot Protection, Client-Side Protection, DDoS, Protection, and Attack Analytics we provide a comprehensive Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) stack that secures from edge to database, so the traffic you receive is only the traffic you want.

At the time that a Digital Security company first began migrating some of their workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS) they were also not satisfied with their current DDoS vendor because it excessively scrubbed traffic and, in many cases, blocked legitimate traffic. They needed to eliminate management complexity, manage risk and monitor all traffic to rapidly identify threats, while only allowing valid traffic to gain access to their applications. Due to time and resource constraints, they wanted to automate as much of the security process as possible. After doing their own testing Imperva met all their application security needs.

Additionally with the products we supply from Synopsys to provide Application Security Testing during the development or testing phase and Open-Source Management, we can customise the right solution for your security testing and protection needs.

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