AppSec Risk – The Dangers and How to Manage Them eBook

AppSec Risk – The Dangers and How to Manage Them eBook

AppSec risks: What’s at stake?

Information security has long focused on the network as the likely attack vector, and therefore it invested heavily in securing the network’s perimeter. Today, the application is the perimeter. When the assets sought by attackers are accessible through web applications, your defenses must be focused on securing the application. Unfortunately, many organisations continue to fight yesterday’s battles. According to the research report “The State of Risk-Based Security Management” by the Ponemon Institute, spending on the network layer continues to be the focus of security efforts—even though the risk is highest in the application layer.

A key tenet of successful risk management is risk avoidance—identifying and fixing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. Organisations use a variety of strategies to accomplish this, including defining non-functional security requirements and controls, architectural review boards, and threat modeling. However, all strategies require validating security by testing for common errors that can result in vulnerabilities.

This Synopsys guide takes you through the consequences of vulnerable software, the challenges of managing software risk, and how we can help overcome the challenges of software risk management and maximise the value of your existing security testing suite.

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