How to Align Infrastructure Costs to Business Context

Align Infrastructure Costs to Business Context with Torque

Make your infrastructure costs visible and predictable before, during, and after deployment. Controlling these escalating cloud costs remains difficult because public cloud providers’ billing and utilisation reports do not map line items to the responsible users, teams, and projects. This makes extracting actionable information from this data next to impossible. Legacy tools focus on provisioning infrastructure, not on linking infrastructure costs and usage to business needs.

As a result, most organisations are forced into a reactive, manual approach to deciphering and subsequently controlling cloud costs. While cloud cost management tools aggregate and report data from multiple clouds, this data captures previous activity—what happened last week, month, or quarter. This often leads development and operations teams to reconsider instance sizes and pricing options. Unless development and operations teams manually tag cloud instances identically, the organisation will continue to struggle to track costs by team or project accurately.

It is little surprise that team leaders and managers often end up in an untenable position when they are asked to justify the cloud budget for their teams.

Download our Cost Solution Brief with Torque to understand how you can take control of cloud costs by monitoring cloud spend through simple and straightforward auto-tagging features that deliver precise usage details by using built-in controls make costs predictable and easy to track by user, project, or team.

Accurate and consistent tagging is critical to assigning business context, such as who uses what infrastructure and why. With its automatic and custom tagging capabilities, Torque adds custom metadata to cloud resources and blueprints, so they can be categorised and filtered in displays and reports.

Read more on topics such as optimising spend for infrastructure and cloud resources, control cloud sprawl with policy-based access to cloud accounts, and strengthen accountability with consumption policies and auto decommissioning.

Download the Torque Solution Brief for more information.

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